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Dr. Snitch

Stairway to Hell Stairway to Hell Dr. Snitch "Stairway to Hell"

Brian Geltner has been a working musician for many years. He is known intergalactically for his incredible drumming, lead guitar playing, and his great taste in music, movies, coffee and cars. Brian is a founding member of NY band Johnny Society (Messenger Records/Old Soul Records) and Nervous Cabaret (Naive, France). As a musician, songwriter, arranger and producer, Brian has worked on hundreds of songs at Old Soul Studios.

Recently Brian has completed playing on (and co-producing) Hilary Hawk’s debut record Goodwill. For his solo project (Dr.Snitch), Brian has written, performed, and produced 2 instrumental records: Music for Uninspected Elevators and Loose Ferris Wheels. He is currently in the process of working on a 3rd album which eventually will be released through Old Soul Records. Also in the works from Geltner is collaborations with Rosy Nolan, Brion Snyder, and Johnny Society!

Over the years Geltner has worked with many great artists such as Chris Whitley, Joseph Arthur, Blueberry, Tears for Fears, Church of Betty, Soul Asylum, Jonathan Wilson, Sam Cohen, John Dyer, Dave Deporis, Jan Bell, Jonathan Rice, Bronwen Exter, Tara Angell, and the list goes on…