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Spottiswoode & His Enemies to release their sixth album ‘English Dream’ on Old Soul Label April 15th, 2014

Spottiswoode & His Enemies to release their sixth album ‘English Dream’ on Old Soul Label April 15th, 2014

‘English Dream’, Spottiswoode & His Enemies’ sixth studio recording, is a haunting new departure for the New York septet. After winning two Independent Music Awards for 2012’s ‘Wild Goosechase Expedition’ – a poppy and satirical romp about a rock band’s doomed tour – the band returns with a beautiful and much more atmospheric set.

The journey begins with the airy “Till My Dying Day”, a love song set in London. ”Golden Apple”, a much spookier number , introduces one of the signature sounds of the record: Spottiswoode’s chiming reverb-drenched Fender Strat played in Nashville tuning. “Clear Your Mind”, a rare choral anthem for the band, merges The Byrds with Fleet Foxes.

In ’English Dream’, the album’s cinematic title track, the singer takes a train journey to visit an old friend in an English town where he is confronted with visions and memories from his past. Performed in an off-kilter 5/4 time signature, the track features the spooky trilling of Riley McMahon on mandolin. This is the third Enemies album that McMahon, the band’s lead guitarist, has also produced.

“No Time For Love”, the first single off the album, features the driving piano work of band keyboardist Tony Lauria. Sung as a duo harmony by Spottiswoode and trumpeter Kevin Cordt the song has a sixties retro vibe both in melody and sentiment plus a touch of boogaloo brass,

“Another Year” shows off the versatility of the band’s rhythm section. Tim Vaill on drums and John Young on bass address an almost Klezmer accordion melody with a driving neo-dub groove.

Two lush closing tracks feature the gorgeous blended horn work of Candace DeBartolo and Kevin Cordt on tenor sax and trumpet respectively: “Melancholy Boy”, one of Spottiswoode’s more vintage noir ballads; and “Sweetest Girl”, an upbeat and folksy love song that brings the record full circle.


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