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Ratatat LP3Flowerbooking Review



LP3 is the third studio album from Ratatat, the follow-up to 2006′s Classics and 2004′s self-titled debut. Since the release of Classics, Ratatat have toured relentlessly, headlining shows around the world. They were asked to open for Daft Punk at Los Angeles Sports Arena back in June 2007, before they jetted off to play shows in Hawaii and Japan. They have also added their unique sound to a recent remix of Bjork’s Wanderlust and released the second in their acclaimed Remixes’series, featuring bootleg remixes of Notorious BIG and Young Buck among others. Remixes Volume II also featured exclusive new freestyles from Beans (Warp) and Despot (DefJux) and is currently available for free download on the band’s site www.ratatatmusic.com.

Whereas Classics took them months to record, LP3 came together in a matter of weeks after the duo – Mike Stroud and Evan Mast – were asked to produce some tracks for their friend White Flight who introduced them to Old Soul Studios.

Old Soul is a large old house in the small town of Catskill in upstate New York. It doesn’t have much in the way of hi-tech recording equipment but does have a wealth of keyboard instruments from a grand piano and harpsichord through to a mellotron and Wurlitzer. Pretty much all of the instruments at Old Soul made it onto LP3 giving the record a much broader palette of sounds. The record is much more dynamic than their previous two, with a leaning towards keyboards as opposed to guitars, and live percussion rather than programmed beats.

The band also decided to mix the album in a studio for the first time, and headed to Trout in Brooklyn, NY to mix the entire record down onto 1/4inch tape which has lent the entire album another layer of atmosphere.

Ratatat have also had some friends remix tracks from the album, including Animal Collective who’ve turned ‘Mirando’ into a 10 minute techno wonder. After several remixes under their various solo guises, this is Animal Collective’s first remix done under their own name. YACHT, Zongamin, Copy and E*Rock (brother of Evan ‘E*Vax’ Mast) have also taken on some album tracks, expect to hear these soon.

LP3 sounds like the album Ratatat have wanted to make for some time; equally stripped back and fuller sounding than their previous two. Overflowing with ideas and with more pop and dancefloor moments mixed in with their unique take on atmospheric, instrumental rock. LP3 could have easily come across as disjointed, instead Ratatat have created a fully formed, 21st Century record instilled with the unique sound that made their name. LP3 sounds completely timeless and very, very now.

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