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Ratatat LP3 Review – Pasta Primavera

Ratatat LP3 = Truth

Published by laurent the laurent on June 7, 2008 in Artist Reviews

When Ratatat blew into the music scene a few years back, many (including myself) were simply in awe of their dynamic synth guitar arena club power beats.  Classics was an instant classic.  Then Ratatat dazzled further with a slew of remixes (my favorite being The Knife’s We Share Our Mother’s Health).  After extensive touring (including a stint with Daft Punk), what was next?  LP3.  Where do they go from Classics?  Everywhere.  Beautiful.  Ratatat went deep within themselves for this album, putting together rich layers of nature. world beat, and club, slightly shying away from their trademark synth-guitar sound.  LP3 is like a dense fog rolling in at the foot of a mountain range, waiting as the sun burns everything into view (it was recorded at Old Soul in the small town of Catskill in upstate New York).   Simply put…beautiful.  It’s out on July 8th from XL Recordings.  This is a must have.  They will also be touring…check the dates after the jump.

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